Domain Names for SaleHere’s a selection of domain names that I own, all of which are currently parked.

I have plans for most of them, but I’m open to offers on all of them, so if you’re interested in any, please drop me an email via the contact page.
The 4 word phrase Wedding Photographers in Essex is searched 720 times a month according to Google Adwords. I was thinking of making a niche directory for photographers to advertise their business, then I was thinking of sitting a website on there, for sale to a photographer. Currently, I’ve done neither, so if you want to buy it, please make me an offer.
Oil Coms is an idea I had based on LinkedIn – but just for the huge oil industry worldwide. It could be used in conjunction with BuddyPress to create a community site.
The idea for PGA Lesson is to create an online directory for golf professionals to advertise their lessons and services online.
Second Hand Wedding is a great domain name for a niche classifieds website for sellers to advertise their wedding items after the big day. The three word phrase is searched 12,100 times a month according to Google Adwords.
Apologised is a great name for an online shop selling items specifically aimed at gifts for saying sorry to someone. I always wanted a one-word domain name, and this is my best attempt.
Two brilliant domain names for Football blogs or forums.
A play on the popular website “MySpace” – Not My Space is an idea I had for advertisers to promote their driveway and hire out their parking spaces for rental.
I always wanted an online dating site, not sure why, but there are 1,000’s out there so I needed a USP, Porky Partners is an online dating site for fat people.
Perhaps not the best domain name for a but the broad term gets 12,100 searches per month according to Google Adwords.
Er… yes… why did I buy these again ? Ah yes, I took a punt that Channel 4 would bring out a TV show called My Big Fat Essex Wedding, after all they did have “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. They haven’t done so, and possibly never will, so my forum didn’t happen. £20 for the pair… anyone ?
This blog was nearly run on the domain name My Essex Girls, based on my two daughters, but I thought better of it. ITV2 commissioned a TV show called My Essex Girls, filming started, then it all went quiet. I was hoping it would be as popular as “The Only Way is Essex” and my forum would be equally popular. It’s not… yet.
Noun – weblebrity (plural weblebrities) A person who has become famous on the Internet. Nuff said. Blog on weblebrities anyone ?
Heating Oil Market is still one of my grandest ideas. I intend to use this domain name for heating oil resellers to advertise their daily prices so visitors can compare and buy online. The idea is that advertisers pay a subscription or percentage of sales. One day that website will make me a millionaire, Rodney.

Contact me if you’re interested in any of them.