There have been plenty of occasions over the last 10 years where I’ve wanted to start a new website, only to find that my first choice domain name has already been taken. This has always left me sat there trying to think of a catchy alternative that would keep the keywords, but use additional words so that I would find a domain name that is available and relevant. Luckily this week, I found a brilliant domain name search engine called Name Bot which is a domain name search that enables you to find the right domain name for your website in minutes.

It’s such a simple, but very effective website, perfect for web designers searching for great domain names that are available, yet not easy to find.
As with the best search engines, on the home page of NameBot you’ll find a simple textbox to type in your keyword, hit the enter button, and you’ll very quickly be presented with hundreds of available names. To make things even simpler to understand, the site shows all the names that are available to register in green, and any they’ve found that are already taken are red.
Once you find a domain name that you like, simply click on it, and Name Bot will also show you a link to buy the name immediately, as well as details on whether or not the name is available on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube too.

If you want to be a bit more specific when searching for your ideal domain name, the site has filters to allow you to look for a certain extension, you can also adjust the amount of characters you want too, which is really helpful for finding small and catchy names.
It’s a brilliant search engine to help find the perfect domain name for a new website, you’ll also find some great names you never even thought of before !