Some friends of ours are planning their wedding next year, and asked us this week whether we’d consider travelling to Thailand for their wedding if they decided to get married there. Having never been to Thailand before I was really interested in knowing why they’d chosen this country for their wedding, so my friend told me to look at a website to read up on destination weddings in Thailand.

The website he showed me was who arrange Thai destination weddings for either Christian or traditional Thai Buddhist weddings in Chiang Mai. I was really excited about the prospect so I had a good read of the website, and really began to appreciate why my friends would consider getting married in Thailand.

The company that run the site arrange and plan weddings which are stress free and legally recognised world-wide including Britain. They have the experience and training to truly do it right, and the beauty of their business is that unlike many companies in the “Destination wedding” business they are not a company created to serve the tourist industry but a local Thai company created to serve local couples. They are not a huge international business, just wedding experts which naturally ended up offering wedding services to overseas English-speaking couples as well.

Thai WeddingsIf you were interested in a Thai Buddhist wedding, the day starts early at 5am with the preparation and giving of offerings to the monks. This offering is of food for the body, three incense sticks and flowers. It’s certainly an early start, but it must be if your wedding is to be authentically Thai. You may even be lucky enough to receive a blessing from an elder monk, which sounds like it’s worth the effort of getting up early, plus you’ll get a longer day to enjoy the most romantic day of your life.
After a traditional Thai breakfast, should you opt to register your marriage in Thailand, the company will take you to Chiang Mai City Hall to sign and collect your marriage certificate. After that, you have your temple blessing which is arranged in a Northern Thai teak Buddhist temple, where a head monk gives you the blessing to the sounds of Buddhist chanting and the scent of incense filling the air. During the ceremony the monk will bless you with water and tie a symbolically ‘binding’ string around your wrists. He will then place three traditional dots on your foreheads. Following the blessing ceremony, you will then either release birds, fish or turtles in order to create merit for your marriage and life together.

However, if a Christian ceremony in the beautiful surrounding of Thailand is more your thing, then it can be arranged in a splendid Thai garden setting, surrounded by tropical flowers and lush greenery.
An ordained minister will marry you, with your witnesses and you will receive a church certification of marriage. arrange everything, and will even collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel. It’s a fully professional wedding planning service from them, including arranging things like photographers, hair stylists, floral decorations and transport.

Having read through their website and looked at the stunning photos, I can really see why people would choose to travel for a wedding ceremony in Thailand, it looks stunning, and seem to be a professional business with many years experience, exactly what you want for anyone considering destination weddings in Thailand.