My friend runs his own business, and often complained about high charges for accepting credit cards, so he’d been searching for a solution and discovered Seymour Direct who offer Merchant services, credit card machines and PDQ Machines.

Seymour Direct aim to process credit & debit cards at low rates for both internet purchases and face to face transactions, their website states that they can achieve credit card rates from just 0.98%. As well as low costs, they also offer state of the art Chip & Pin machines, and even the new contact-less transactions you may of seen on TV.

They also have a few different card reading machines on offer, including the counter-top version, and portable card readers for businesses such as restaurants where the machine is brought to the customer. All of their machines are fully compliant with each of the banks they partner with, you do not have to change your business bank account, as they can tailor the solution to meet your requirements.

If you are new to accepting credit & debit card payments then Seymour Direct can organise a new merchant account for you, as long as you can provide them with the necessary details of your business bank account and they will also organise all the equipment required to start accepting card payments.

My friend chose to speak further with Seymour Direct by using their online Live Chat facility, but they also have a phone-back option too, so it’s easy to discuss your options with them. It’s a clear and concise website, with plenty of useful information for any business owner who wants to accept card payments.