Chatting with my Mum yesterday and we started a conversation about getting and wandered onto the option of cosmetic surgery to stop the signs of aging.
Not something I’d ever considered before, so we had a look online at the costs of cosmetic treatments, and found a great option for anyone who would like the surgery without spending a small fortune.
The Harley Street Institute are seeking models that are required for training their certified health car professionals that are looking for a career change into aesthetic medicine.

If you sign up as a cosmetic treatment model at the Harley Street Institute, you consent to be injected by their delegates during their training, of course, under the guidance of their trainers. Anyone applying to be a model gets treated under the expert supervision of some of the best cosmetologists in the industry, and they are currently looking for models for various aesthetic treatments, with discounted costs saving up to around 50%.

Although not free of charge, due to the fact that the products they use have a cost, they ask for a minimal charge in advance. By becoming a model this is probably the most affordable way to get high-quality, safe, anti-ageing treatments for yourself.

The Harley Street Institute have created a closed Facebook group exclusively for anyone who is interested in becoming a model. And within that group, it is nice and simple for you to contact them. So if you’ve considered anti ageing surgery before, and thought it was too expensive, why not take a look at their Facebook page and sign up for more details.