We decided this week that we were going to buy a slow cooker. The plan was to chop up meat, vegetables and potatoes and allow them to cook slowly during the day whilst we were out at work. Seemed like the perfect plan to come home to a nicely cooked meal, but the question was, with so many slow cookers on the market, which was the best ?
I searched online for slow cooker reviews and found www.CookerReviews.net which features dozens of different cookers on their website along with plenty of helpful information and facts about the cookers.
Cooker Reviews not only give further information on the products, but also a star rating for each cooker, and a convenient link to buy one straight from Amazon. Unlike a lot of review websites, CookerReviews.net actually review the appliance themselves, and then provide an unbiased overview for their visitors. All of their reviews are completely unbiased and allow you to have a good read and find one with the most important features to suit you and your kitchen.

For anyone reading this whose not heard of a slow cooker, it works on the principle that the longer it takes to cook meats and other foods, the nicer it will taste at the end. Slow cooked meat becomes more tender, and the flavours and juices retain in the sauce whilst cooking the potoatoes and vegetables. The cooker sits ontop of your worksurface and maintans a relatively low temperature during the whole cooking process, unlike more conventional methods such as baking, frying and boiling.

If you like the idea of a slow cooker, then there is no better website to find a great selection of reviews and information than http://www.cookerreviews.net/