For Christmas I bought my brother a watch from the makers at who are a fresh, famous brand in Europe.
What really caught my eye with the AREA51S watches was the stainless steel casting, with stylish large glass-watch mirror technology and exquisite line appearance.

Chevachl have created two different styles of their AREA51S watch, the first is an eye catching black design, and the other, which I consider to be my favourite is the stainless steel. Both styles certainly have a top quality look to them so it was a very difficult decision to choose a favourite between them.

Chevachi watches have Seiko Day / Date movement and are water-resistant to 50 metres, best of all though is the fantastic pricing of the timepiece which is around $345, which makes it a quality but affordable gift for someone special in your life.
If you are looking for a great timepiece either for yourself or as a gift then I highly recommend you take a good look at the Chevachi AREA51S watches. They have a stunning design for such and affordable price, my brother loved his gift and hasn’t taken it off his wrist !

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