I am a West Ham fan. I wonder why sometimes, but you can’t change clubs, only losers do that. I’ve brainwashed my daughters to be West Ham fans too, the poor kids.

1 04, 2012

Hammers making hard work again

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I don't know why I ever thought that West Ham could actually win the Championship this season, I must of been mad. Yet again the Hammers manage to cock everything up just when you think they were in control. In the last couple of months they've gone from a comfortable position at the top of the league to a play-off [...]

2 11, 2011

I’ll stop talking about West Ham

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So, the day after I write a post about how excited I am about the amount of goals we've been scoring, and how excited I am about Sam Baldock's future at Upton Park, we end up failing to score a single goal against bottom of the league Bristol City. Not only that, it was during a home game "under the [...]

31 10, 2011

West Ham win again

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The title of this post is something that not that long ago, I thought I'd never get to type. I'm not going to turn this blog into a West Ham blog, because there are so many people who do it so much better than me. Iain Dale's West Ham till I die is a great example of Hammers blogging, and I [...]

18 10, 2011

Forget Champions League, it’s the Championship that counts.

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Tonight sees West Ham head to Southampton, it's top versus second in the Championship. I want to feel confident after our promising 4-0 win against Blackpool on Saturday, but something tells me that the Hammers will come crashing back down to earth with a bump. My concern is based mainly on the fact that Southampton have the best home form [...]

11 10, 2011

Hammers highs and lows

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Nothing is ever simple when you're a West Ham fan. Sometimes is seems like since Sir Trev's header in 1980 we've had nothing but setback and disappointment. In no particular order, a few little things stick in my mind during the last ten years. Manny Omoyinmi, a player who barely kicked a ball for West Ham, played in the League [...]