There are few more addictive games online than Bubbleshooter 2, the game currently has me hooked since I discovered it last week.

The concept of the game is very simple, and there lies the addictiveness of it really. Using your mouse you aim the small bubble shooting cannon towards a bank of coloured bubbles, all you have to do is attach the bubble you are shooting on at least 2 other bubbles of the same colour. Sound simple, well not that simple, the higher you go, the harder the levels become.
The trick of the game is to keep calm as the bubbles above are slowly dropping towards your cannon, one or two misplaced shots and you could be in trouble, however, a well aimed shot that bounces off the sidewalls and lands perfectly can create a small avalanche of bubbles, leaving you that little bit more hooked on the game as you progress.
If the collection of bubbles increases and you fail to match the colours, the bubbles will touch the cannon and it’s game over.

Overall Bubble Shooter 2 is a great game to play as well as interesting, exciting and fun, and best of all it’s totally free to play online. It’s not really possible to describe the game in words, so I highly recommend you head over to the website and start playing yourself.