Review of Virgin Media Broadband Plans and Virgin Media Coupons

In this post, provided UK voucher site, we review Virgin Media Broadband Plans. We see their features, speed and prices and money off Virgin Media promo codes. But first, let’s see what broadband and internet speed mean.
What is broadband
Broadband is an Internet connection method that is much faster than the outdated dial-up Internet connection mode. It is a modern connection standard that can keep up with the increased demands for faster connections in today’s world. The term is also synonymous with high-speed Internet since broadband Internet is orders of magnitude faster than its sluggish dial-up predecessor.

Today, broadband is pretty common in many parts of the world. And unlike dial-up Internet connections, broadband does not require that you hang up the phone to connect to the web. In other words, broadband connections allow the transmission of multiple signals using optic fiber cables, coaxial cables, radio, and twisted pair cables.

Virgin Media’s Main Broadband Plans
Virgin Media offers a Choice of 4 Broadband Plans. Each plan requires a £20 set up fee. The company provides free servicing and repairs and a 14 day money back guarantee on each of the plans. These include are:

1. VIVID 50
At £27 a month, this broadband plan will give you access to a connection that offers average download speeds of 54Mbps and download speeds of 3Mbps. The plan is recommended for those with small households that need to connect up to 4 devices.

2. VIVID 100
With this plan, you will get download speeds of 108Mbps and upload speeds of 6Mbps for £32 a month. This plan is designed for household that are a little busy and need to connect 5 to 9 devices to the Internet.

3. VIVID 200
The VIVID 200 fibre broadband plan goes for £37 a month. It gives you access to average download speeds of 213Mbps and upload speeds of 12Mbps. The plan is ideal for especially busy households that have more than 10 devices to connect to the Internet.

4. VIVID 350
The fastest broadband plan offered by Virgin Media, also the fastest common broadband speed available in the country, goes for £42 a month. With this plan, users get 363Mbps in download speeds and 21Mbps in upload speeds. When the company run a promotion they issue money saving Virgin Media voucher codes that may take £10 off your first month. Other Virgin Media discount codes give you the first month of your subscription free of charge.

Common Questions
Will Virgin dig up my garden or driveway?
Maybe, maybe not. If their services have been installed in the past, further digging might not be unnecessary. Still, you can discuss with Virgin’s engineer how this process will take place beforehand to clarify any issues.

Is a shared access driveway an issue?
Yes, it matters. We will need a go ahead from your neighbor before we can do any digging, if necessary. We’ll need details like name, email, telephone, and address to make contact and get permission.

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