I was looking for ideas how to spruce up my blog by creating some catchy banners, but not being too artistic I searched online for ideas and options. After a brief search I soon found a brilliant, and free, banner maker at banner.fotor.com

Banner MakerFor anyone that owns a website or blog, you’ll know what I mean when I say that I want it to look appealing as well as having good content, but without many graphic designing skills about me, I found the banner maker so easy to use and it just creates the best looking and most professional banners.
Without any photoshop skills or experience, the online software allows you to change the banner size, colours, text, background, pictures and add clip art to create your own unique banner.

It’s simple to use, you simply start by choosing the size of the banner that you’d like to create. Once you’ve selected the size, a new page pops open and allows you to start adding content to your blank banner. The first option you notice is a good selection of clip art images that you can drag into place on the banner, with Buy Now / Sale / Size / Top Rated and other examples available, they are perfect for websites looking to promote products on their site by using a professional looking banner. Each clip art comes in a variety of colours too, plus you can resize it to meet your requirements.

Once your clip art is in place, you can choose to add text in any colour, size or font that you like. Again, you simply drag the wording into the position you want.
To make your banner stand out, the banner maker has a selection of options for the background, with a solid colour, texture, linear gradient or blank varieties available to choose from.
If you want to add photos to the banner, it’s also simply to do that too. The banner maker lets you select photos from you computer, Facebook, Flickr or the web. As with all the other options, you can resize your photos and drag them to the exact position you want.

When you’re happy with the finished banner, you can simply save it to your PC and upload it to your website, or share it straight to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter for all your contacts to view.

If you’re still not happy with your designing skills, the online banner maker also has a variety of pre-made professionally designed banners ready for you to tweak and amend to suit your needs. All you have to do is open one of the ready made banners and you can change the photos and amend the wording. Within no time at all you’ll find you have a professional looking banner that can promote your message, all ready for you to upload straight to your website.

Most people don’t own graphic creating software, so the fact that banner maker is free is almost too good to be true. It really is high quality software and so easy to use. I highly recommend you take a look at the website next time you need to create a banner for your site.