Travelling each day on the train my commute to work can become very mundane, so I often find myself seeking new entertainment to keep me occupied, and I think I’ve found something very different to listen to on my journey. is a new audio entertainment website which allows users to download audio stories.

For just $0.89 (USD) you can download one of their short-form, dramatic audio presentations. Their engaging stories come with full casts, immersive sound effects and original score.

With several different genre’s to select from including westerns, science fiction, drama and comedy, and each are full tales presented in 15 minute files.

You can simply download right to your computer or hand-held device and listen at your leisure, it really is easy to lose yourself in a new audio world, a perfect way to relax during my journey on the train.

AudioDrops (as they are known) have several different characters to follow, with mini-series of different episodes. For the full audio effect, it’s best to listen using your favorite headphones, you’ll soon find yourself completely immersed in the story.

Great fun to listen to, so give it a try, full details on their website – start downloading them today and your journey to work will never be dull again !