I spent a week in Nottingham this Summer, and managed to crack my iPhone screen. Not wanting to wait until I got back home for a repair I searched around locally and discovered an excellent service by Mac and Pc Workshop.
As they have a host of five-star reviews on Google, I took a look at their website macpcworkshop.co.uk and read up on what they offer.

Not only do they offer repairs for cracked iPhone screens in Nottingham, they also solve any issues you may have with power, speakers or buttons. They’ll even take a look at your iPhone if it’s damaged by water.
As in my case, the repairs they offer are so quick, a lot of things can be fixed whilst you wait, plus all of their repairs and parts are backed by a 90 day warranty promise.

But it’s not just iPhone repairs in Nottingham that they offer, it’s the full range of Apple products including iPods, iPads and Mac. As their name suggests, Mac PC Workshop are experienced in repairs of PC’s too and they are able to repair all kinds of issues with PC and Windows based laptops and desktop computers.

As all of their reviews were so good, and the fact that they’ve been around for over 10 years, I was quite confident that I’d found an excellent place in Nottingham for my iPhone screen to be repaired at. Apple products are expensive so I didn’t want to leave it with anyone other than a trusted professional. Their workshop is easily found on the corner of the road, with plenty of parking around it too, so if you also find yourself in Nottinghamshire and looking for a repair to your iPhone pop in and see what they can do for you.