Make Money OnlineAll you seem to hear on the news these days is financial doom and gloom, so I thought I’d share some pearls of wisdon with you, and tell you 5 ways to make money online.

Don’t expect to become a .com millionare overnight, but these 5 ideas could bring in a little extra pocket money for some sweets.


The biggest car boot sale in the world, eBay allows you to buy and sell just about anything. You can either make some cash from selling your own stuff laying around your house, or you can become a trader by bulk buying and selling indiviual items at a profit. Whatever you think of, it can be sold at eBay, the only trouble is, there are millions of members, so competition is high, pushing prices down.

People Per Hour

If you don’t have anything to sell on eBay, then maybe you could sell your time. People per hour is a simple idea where people post jobs that they want completing and other members can put in their quote for the work, simple yet effective. There are plenty of categories including design, marketing, writing & programming, meaning something for everyone to offer their services, and there are plenty of businesses seeking people to do odd jobs for them.


I’ve already written about Fiverr before in this blog, but it’s currently my favourite website so it’s worth a mention again. The simple idea is that members offer something they will do for $5 – anything at all. The best way to make money on fiverr is to sell something that costs you zero, usually your time or personal service that a paying member can’t be bothered to do, or doesn’t have enough knowledge. There are some creative ideas for money making on that site, so have a good look around and see what you can offer for a fiverr. (There is also a UK clone called fivesquids)


Blogging is what I’m doing right now, writing a blog. Some writers have made fortunes from blogging, by simply being very good at writing. A creative blog with plenty of useful information can be a magnet for search engine traffic, and with thousands of visitors you can easily make some money from advertising on your blog. Google adverts, just like the one on the right here, are easy to set up, and you get paid a few coins every time someone clicks on it. You can also sell your own adverts, or sign up for text links where people pay to have a link on your blog at a set monthly rate. So if you’re passionate enough about a certain subject, or you just like writing, then a blog is the way for you, take a look at WordPress and see how easy it is to get started.


This is the only thing on my list that I’ve never actually used before, so I’m probably not the best person to comment on it, however I’ve read plenty of good reviews about it. The idea is that you design a logo for a T-shirt and upload it to their website. CafePress then allow you to set up your own shop within their website and start promoting your new brand of T-shirt. So if you see yourself as a fashion designer, this could be the way to get started, and earn a few quid on the way.