The internet is packed full of websites aimed at trying to sell you something, or sign you up for a monthly fee, so I found it quite refreshing when I discovered a website that just offered useful advice and tips on everyday things without asking me for my credit card details or personal information.

Tweaking Life is a blog full of advice and articles on things that most people take for granted, every day things that you may not often read up on. The sort of subjects they cover are relationships, home building, health, finances and parenting, all of which you’re just expected to know about, but that is rarely the case and reading a bit of advice is always helpful.
For example, the finance section of the website has an article that looks at ways you can plan your finances better, and offers tips and advice on cash management.
Another subject that Tweaking Life offer a lot of advice on is parenting. Anyone with young kids will read with interest on articles such as “4 Ways to Keep Your Child from Being Bored”. Any tips parents can read when it comes to helping keep the kids entertained is good, and Tweaking Life certainly have plenty of ideas and self-improvement tips.
Other articles within the relationships section include discussions on family matters, and there was one article that really caught my eye, entitled “Choosing a Name for Your Baby”. As we have a baby on the way, I was interested in reading this article for advice and ideas, and it certainly got me thinking.

I’ve bookmarked Tweaking Life as it’s one of those websites that is a nice read during your lunch break, their articles are the sort of thing you read in a magazine, helpful advice on everyday things. Take a read of the site at and you’ll find some great articles.