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I was recently discussing marketing ideas with my brother-in-law who is an estate agent in South West London, and he told me of a website he was excited about called
The idea sounded pretty good, so I took a look at the website myself and I have to say I’d never heard of the idea before.

We’re all familiar with property websites like RightMove, but Single Property Sites take advertising houses for sale online to another level by creating a complete website for each property. Their site is used by estate agents who are looking to promote their properties and really make them stand out by creating a microsite.

I think the concept would really appeal to sellers, especially high-end properties, home owners can display a For Sale board outside their property with their domain name like printed on it.
Single Property Sites also allows estate agents to create a demo free view link for the site so they can show sellers how their property would look with the new marketing idea of having their personal website with bespoke domain name.

For estate agents who have instructions on several properties, Single Property Sites also allows them to update their portfolio with ease using the feeds from RightMove.

We moved home two years ago, and we spoke with 3 different estate agents, they all quoted a similar price, but I think if one of them said “oh, and we also create a personal website for your house” then they would have won my business. With every microsite allowed unlimited photos, and even videos or virtual tours I think sellers will be very keen to use this idea, meaning more work for the Estate Agents that use it. I think the guys at Single Property Sites have thought of everything, the list of features for each site is very extensive.

Although I think high-end properties will certainly benefit more from the system, I can easily see this idea catching on for the average properties too. My in-laws live in a fairly remote area in Spain and for sometime I’ve thought they’d need their own website to market the property when they come to sell it, if the SEO was done correctly it could lead a stream of visitors to view it. I wonder if we’ll all expect to see a website created for each property for sale soon.

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