Crap Customer Loyalty“Sorry that is for new customers only”. Is it just me or are these the worst words you can hear from a business that you have given thousands of pounds to over the last couple of years.

Customer loyalty at Santander is non-exisitant. If you have a mortgage with them and it’s coming to the end of your deal, they’ll write to you and ask you to call them to discuss a new deal. I looked online and found their rates were favourable so I called them to discuss my options.
When I mentioned the package they had highlighted on their website I was told that I couldn’t have it. It was not available to me as I was an existing customer.

Not being able to believe what I was hearing, I stated that we had a current account with Santander for many years, going back to the Abbey National days. They didn’t care about that. I said we were happy to stay with them, pay their utterly ridiculous “arrangement fee” even though all they had to do was type a new date and interest rate into their PC, but still they didn’t care. The best rate they could offer us meant another £756 per year, plus their £999 arrangement fee.

Sitting there in a little shock for a moment I then said to Santander, that the Bank of England rate had not changed in the last 2 years since my last deal – they didn’t care. I said I could get a better rate elsewhere, they didn’t care about that either.

Basically there is no customer loyalty at Santander at all, they just don’t care for their exisiting customers at all, so I took the sensible course of action, thanked them for nothing and went straight to the useful mortgage comparison sites like or

All you need to do is fill in a few basic details and these websites will provide you with some different options – you don’t have to apply for these online, just make a note of the bank whose offer attracts you the most and go and see them direct.

I suggest Santander should make a note, if they can offer one good deal, it should be for their current existing loyal customers.