Whenever one of my kids decides it’s time to use their portable DVD player again, or they want to us their Nintendo DS on the car charger I find the first thing they ask me is “where is the power lead?” Children are always losing the power leads and adaptors, it’s one of those mysteries in life like odd socks, they often just vanish.
That’s why I was delighted to discover www.Power-Adapters.co.uk who are a UK based website specialising in sales of replacement power adapters for most common electronics in the home.

Their website covers everything from car adaptors to laptop power supplies, they even have a huge selection of power cables for musical instruments.
Power-Adapters.co.uk are a Limited company established since 2008, who have grown to sell hard to find power supplies for all kinds of electronics.

The website has an easy to use category section, making it simple to locate the type of power adaptor you require, they also have an advanced search so that you could filter by brand and product type too.

There is a huge element of confidence when you buy online from a professional UK business like this, so often on other websites you can find cheap and maybe unsafe imports, but power-adapters.co.uk customers can be assured by the fact they are provided with a full years warranty on all products. And if that is not enough to ensure customer satisfaction, then they also offer a no quibble returns policy if there is a compatibility issues.

All products are based in the UK and power-adapters.co.uk use first class mail for their standard delivery services with a delivery of 1-3 working days.

Next time your power lead or adapter goes missing or gets broken, take a look at the huge selection of power supplies for a variety of electronics from laptops to musical instruments.