Working in my London based office, I often find it difficult to set enough time aside for regular exercise, it’s often a rushed early morning gym session or a busy lunchtime where every other office worker is trying to use the same piece of equipment. Because of this I looked online for different options, I wanted a personal fitness training service with modern fitness equipment based in London.

I soon stumbled across Electro Fitness who at based close to Chiswick Park Station in London, and offer one to one personal training, and use the latest Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. The thing that really caught my eye with their website is the fact that the unique workouts claim that I could reduce a 90 minute gym session to a 25 minute electro fitness training with the same results, all sounds perfect for me, so I read some more.

Personal trainers need to be so much more that just giving you a few exercise programmes to follow, it’s all about results, and this is where Electro Fitness are ideal, they create a bespoke fitness plan, and also follow that with an individual healthy and well balanced exercise and diet programme, suited for my personal needs only. I believe that a personal trainer should guide you through all the different aspects of fitness and health, with details of exercise, nutrition and even hormonal composition, and Electro Fitness specialise in helping individuals reach their goals. wasn’t familiar with the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, so I was quite keen to read up as much as I could about what this would do for me. I knew that electrical impulses were nothing new, but I didn’t know it could be used in recreation to increase intensity and muscle training, and it also has wide ranging therapeutic and cosmetic benefits too.
When you are exercising, research shows that the brain transmits electrical impulses through nerve tracts to the muscle motor controls, the Electric Muscle Stimulation then delivers electrical impulses directly to the muscles you are working on, simulating the exercise activity.
So I’m looking to build muscles, and just doing my own thing at the gym hasn’t been too effective for me, using the EMS it will apply voltaic currents at numerous wavelengths, contributing to muscle activity and growth and helping me achieve the desired result.

OK, it all sounds like it’s a unique way to workout, but how do these electrical impulses get attached ? Well, Electro Fitness deliver a thorough and efficient workout by users wearing a special mobile and breathable kit, which is fitted with up to 20 of these electrodes. By wearing this kit it allows the workout to target specific areas and delivers a comprehensive training session with specially tailored exercises. The skilled and experienced instructors are trained to control the voltage and frequency which will maximise the clients potential, inline with individual requirements, the amazing thing is that using this equipment you can have an effective training session in just 25 minutes.

When it comes to muscle building, the Electric Muscle Stimulation technology combined with specially designed active exercises will make a significant contribution towards toning, developing and growth.
The exercise plans involve simple and light gymnastics and aerobic workouts, including strengthening efforts, which increase the efficiency of your workout 10 fold.
How does this work ? Well, a typical training session would involve up to 4 sets of 10 reps, meaning just 40 muscle contractions within each individual muscle group. With the e-fit technology coupled with some light exercise you will subject your entire body to over 36,000 muscle contractions.

But this equipment is not solely aimed at muscle building, there are other benefits of using the EMS. For example, the workouts can be tailored in such a way to eradicate cellulite, or if you’re looking for weight loss, then it can also be used as a tool to assist you with that. If you are currently recovering from an injury, the workout can be controlled by one of their trainers to help gradually increase the intensity. If you’re seeking unique or revolutionary way to improve your general health and well being, then this could be the ideal workout for you.

The sort of things that the EMS workout specialise in tackling are :

  • Reducing time spent on lengthy and boring workouts
  • Losing weight
  • Problems with your joints
  • Back pain
  • Muscle building
  • Helping to increase performance for experienced athletes

I think if you set yourself a personal goal, whether it be to lose weight, train harder or just to save time spent in the gym, then e-fit can take your personal training to a new level. Electro Fitness will design a workout, catered for your individual capability, and aimed at helping you achieve your goals giving you results more efficiently.
I’m looking for some assistance, rather than continuing to blunder away in my local gym, never really achieving anything more than a sweat, and as they have the capacity to allow me to complete a workout with their experienced coaches in their private studios near Chiswick Park Station in West London. It’ll allow me to focus, and it’s got to be most conclusive to a more effective work-out, away from a normal, over subscribed gym.
They recommend 2-3 sessions a week training with the e-fit as you’ll want to have an optimal recovery period for your body due to the fact it’s an intense workout session, you can also train in small groups if you wish.

If you’re looking for further details of the Electros Fitness workouts and what they can do for you, take a look at their website at
If you’d like to see the equipment in action, then I’ve attached a YouTube video available here which has plenty of details about the e-fit workout and shows how people use it in their training sessions. It looks like a unique way to train, and I’m keen to give it a go, when it comes to fitness I need a new challenge and a change of focus, and I think the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology could be exactly what I’m looking for.