This week I discovered a brilliant, free, online alternative to Photoshop called
The website is perfect for online photo editing & allows you to produce photo creatives in a simple and fun way.

Just like a program running on your own PC, allows you to open a photo file from your collection on your hard drive and start editing it with their online tools.
The website provides some of the best tools available online for photo editing, and best of all it’s available free of charge and without any registration required.

Free Online Photo Editing

Free Online Photo Editing

Using Fotor’s photo editor, it allows anyone to resize photos, crop them, adjust the lighting curve, rotate images, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation & sharpness, adjust the tone and colors, or just straighten up a crooked image. But those features are just in the basic edits module. With Fotor you can also add a photo effect, frames, clip art, text, or use their unique color splash, mosaic, and big aperture tools. There really is an amazing selection of options for something that is free.

For those that have always wanted to try High Dynamic Range photography, but without purchasing expensive software, then Fotor gives you the power to do it all just by using your own browser. All you need to do is take three photos, one normal-exposed, one under-exposed and another over-exposed, then upload all 3 photos to the Fotor cloud, and let their algorithms work their magic. In no time at all you’ll have a tone-mapped image that applies just the right exposure to every part of your photo.

If you’re thinking making a fun photo collage then the collage tool at allows you to turn your photo album into a neat and organised collage. Their free tool includes templates, photo stitching and shape collage. This can really create hours of fun, and with so many options available the collage feature you can create desktop backgrounds, or print off your collage as a gift for a loved one. You can layout your images in just about anyway imaginable and keep tweaking it until you’re totally happy with the final look. There is even a shaped collage where you can align your photos in the shape of well known landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge or New York’s Statue of Liberty, they’ll look awesome if you’re collating photos from a holiday to one of these cities.

All of these features are fantastic, but my personal favourite section of the website is the photo cards feature they offer, where you can turn your photos into a greeting card. With options for birthday, thank-you, Christmas or Valentines cards, you simply upload one of your photos and use their customisable greeting card templates and clip art to start creating your own wonderful and fun cards that are sure to bring a huge smile to the recipients face !

And if you want more that just photo editing on your PC, even have apps for different platforms such as iPhone and Android.

Never before have I seen a website that gives so many superb features without a cost to the user, for anyone who does not have photoshop, or for anyone who wants to edit their photos and create fun new images then I highly recommend