So here we are, I’ve set up dozens of wordpress blogs and websites for other people over the last few years, and finally decided to start my own blog.

To add to the millions of pages of useless information on the internet, I’ll be publishing the ramblings of a bloke from Essex, who has a nice wife, two daughters, and is someone who has to drag his arse out of bed every morning to travel on the awful London transport service to get to his desk in London’s miserable Victoria.

What will I be saying ? I have no idea. Will it be of any use to anyone in the world ? Probably not. Will I be typing intimate details of my life, nope highly unlikely. Will I ramble on like I am already beginning to ? Yes, without doubt.

I do have opinions, often strong ones, so that’s what I’ll use this blog for. I am a football fan, not a big one, mainly due to the fact I follow West Ham, and they rarely do anything football based to get excited about. I also love the internet, I run a few websites, one of them is actually quite good and has a steady flow of visitors, the others are a work in progress, and some are just crap and I wonder why I ever started them.

So, that’ll do for my first entry. Let’s see how long I keep this up for !

Pointless bit of code – 95DBMK6QX695