Being a family of four, with a fifth member due to join us soon, planning our family budget at home is an extremely important part of our life. Saving money and organising the shopping and bills has become fairly hard work with prices increasing all the time, so I went in search of online tips and guides to help us plan our budget, and luckily found

MyFamilyClub is a website that aims to help parents save money, they have guides on budgeting and money-saving tips, including details of the best vouchers and discounts for your household essentials.
The site has a really comprehensive selection of categories to browse through, including money, shopping, travel, food and work. Each section is broken down into subsections meaning finding the information you require is very simple.

Each week My Family Club publishes an article on the best deals and discounts available, packed full of useful information, just reading it could be enough to save you money each week.
For those like me who like to manage and organise the family budget by using a credit card and paying it off monthly, within its money section, My Family Club has a brilliant credit card comparison page to help find which option benefits you the most.

Along with all the offers and advice though, the website saved me money immediately. By reading their article on Legoland Windsor I found that you can get 25% off their ticket prices by using their deal and booking in advance.
It’s a great website, packed full of helpful financial information regarding every aspect of family life, I highly recommend you take a look.