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M&M World LondonHaving been to Cadbury World a while back, when the kids heard there was a new M&M World that had recently opened in London, it didn’t take them to long to request that we pay it a visit. The thing is that Cadbury’s offer a pretty large factory to spend a day visiting, you pay an entrance fee and there are plenty of things to see and do, you even get free chocolate. M&M World is nothing like that…. it’s a shop. Based in the building that once was occupied by Planet Hollywood, the 4 level shop in Leicester Square is wall to wall toot, with a little chocolate, none of which is free.

Having spent a couple of hours wandering around Camden, we took the Northern Line down to Leicester Square, and found the new store nestled in probably one of London’s most expensive outlets.
Upon walking in the store, it was immediately obvious that this was nothing more then marketing and merchandise for the tiny crispy shelled chocolates.
Don’t get me wrong, I like M&M’s, they’re not as good as Smarties, but they’re ok. I don’t like the peanut ones so much, for me peanuts should accompany beer, not chocolate. The thing is, M&M’s have four varieties, milk chocolate, peanut, crispy, and peanut butter, but we’ve only ever seen the peanut butter M&M’s in America, this meant that surely a store called M&M WORLD would have ALL 4 of these varieties, and maybe some new ones we’d never seen before. WRONG – they only had two of them, peanut and milk chocolate, this for me made the whole place a complete and utter waste of time. They had hundreds of pointless items of merchandise, but failed to actually sell all of their own products, what a joke.

Go to Cadbury World and you’ll find everything, and Cadbury have dozens of varieties. M&M World failed to provide me with 50% of their options, but if I wanted a duvet cover, clock, football or pencil case with images of red and yellow M&M’s on them, then there was plenty on offer.
The only thing I discovered there was that they’ve been around since the fifties, but I’m sure they only became available in the UK since the late eighties, I can’t be bothered to look that fact up.

My advice to M&M World…. don’t open a superstore for your brand if you can’t offer your brands for sale.
My advice to anyone thinking of making a special trip to M&M world in London’s Leicester Square…. don’t bother.

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