I’ve often seen people on TV testing products and reviewing experiences, and I’ve always wondered if these people got paid for their efforts, and if so, how do you go about getting involved.
After a bit of searching online I found Saros Research who recruit people to take part in UK market research and user testing events such as focus groups. They offer cash rewards for anyone over 16 who is willing to share their views on products and services people use.

Registering with Saros is a simple way to find well-paid research opportunities which are interesting and fun. They have various different opportunities such as usability testing, product sampling, interviews and online research.

It’s not a regular thing, participation is occasional, but their website states they typically pay £30-£100 for an hour or two of your time, which certainly makes it worth your while and you feel like you are doing something that can really make a difference. Saros keep your personal information completely safe and will only use your details to match you with research projects that will suit you.

There is no guarantee that every applicant will be selected to take part in the discussions, it may be a case that Saros have too many applicants, or maybe you’re just not suitable for that particular topic of research. Yet, it only takes a few minutes to register with them, so if you’re interested in taking part, then you have nothing to lose.

If you do decide to get involved, you will be helping to shape the future of the products and services you use. It must feel empowering to you as a consumer, and makes a real difference – therefore I think it’s a total win-win situation.