Due to static house prices and the costs involved with moving, more and more people are choosing to extend their home instead of moving.
One of the best ways to add value to your home is to add an additional bedroom, and there is no better way of achieving that than by having a loft conversion.

Having searched around for loft conversion specialists in Essex and East London, I found A&M Lofts who are an established and professional loft conversion & loft extension company in the local area.
Their website has plenty of very useful information regarding a loft conversion which is worth reading. They state that every loft conversion is unique and styles will vary depending on size available and headroom, and A&M Lofts offer helpful advice and practical solutions in this area to maximise a loft space and meet with the local planning legalities.

Their website has a gallery with a huge selection of photos from previous work carried out, including external and internal images, as well as staircases and en-suites to look at too.

Their FAQ page has further useful information which will answer most of the usual questions you have when planning a loft conversion, but the best way to find out what you can achieve with your loft is to contact them directly and ask them to provide a free no-obligation estimate.