PayPalConsidering PayPal is one of the world’s biggest websites, their navigation remains one of the worst as far as I’m concerned. I just spent the best part of an hour trying to find where the repeat payments, or subscriptions section was and it was nearly impossible.
I can only assume that PayPal have deliberately made it difficult to find the subscriptions page on your account so that people can’t find it, and thousands of payments continue to go through, making PayPal a huge sum of money each year.

As I sell online, I have subscriptions set up to pay me, and it’s therefore extremely important for me to keep a track of what subscription is due, and which ones have been cancelled.
Some time ago, PayPal redesigned the “profile” section of their site, which seemed to me to make things even worse when trying to locate information.

There are two different sections in Payal, firstly the My Approved Payments section, which outlines businesses or individuals who have a Direct Debit set up on your account, just like perhaps your mobile phone company, who take a different amount direct from your account when a payment is due. You have to sign up for these, being a seller on Ebay is the most common one, once a seller has sold something on Ebay, they will deduct your PayPal account with the sellers fees.

The My Approved Payments can be found by clicking the following route :
My Account (on main navigation bar)
Profile (navigation bar below My Account)
My money (left hand side navigation menu)
My pre-approved payments (on the right hand side click Update)

C’mon PayPal, those four links to get to that page are all over the place, you are a huge business, you can make it easier then that to find something.

The other section which is even more impossible to find is Recurring payments dashboard. Recurring payments are slightly different in that they are subscription payments, something you regularly pay the same amount for on a set date.
Being PayPal, they have named this page “Recurring payments dashboard” but called the link to it “My automatic payments”.

The My automatic Payments (or Recurring payments dashboard, or Subscriptions) can be found by clicking the following route :
My Account (on main navigation bar)
Profile (navigation bar below My Account)
My selling preferences (left hand side navigation menu)
My automatic payments (on the right hand side click Update)

Then you’ll be able to see the Recurring payments dashboard which shows Subscriptions, Automatically invoiced payments and Instalment plan payments. The next useless part of it is that you can only see 25 of them at a time, which is crap if you have several hundred set up and you’re looking for one created 2 years ago.

PayPal must realise this navigation is so poor, their search box returns no help at all.
I hope this article helps if you’re trying to find a list of subscriptions on Paypal.