I was chatting to my nephew over the weekend, he’s a barber and owns his own barbershop in Kent, we were discussing prices of haircuts and how I was considering buying my own hair clippers and getting my wife to cut the remaining few strands instead of me going to a barbershop each month.
Being a professional he started to tell me of the best quality hair clippers, and suggested I didn’t buy cheaper versions. He showed me the website he uses so I had a good look at what they offer.

Perfectly named HairClippers.co.uk are a wholesaler supplying professional hair clippers in the UK who sell a wide variety of brands and models, ranging from domestic use hair clippers, all the way through to the top end professional models. My nephew recommended one of the most popular, Wahl hair clippers, and said they are the number 1 sellers in the UK.

I was surprised at the cost for such high-end hair clippers, the website offers great prices, which means you can afford professional clippers which are designed to be used day in and day out in top salons, for home use too.
If like me, you don’t have much knowledge about the difference between the different hair clippers, the website has a useful comparison page for users to check all of the different features that each model has to offer.

As well as selling hair clippers, the website has an interesting section called “Get the Look” where their articles suggest new styles to try, useful for professionals and those brave enough to try out their new clippers at home.

In the end, I opted for the Wahl clippers, they are professional quality at an affordable price, and buying from hairclippers.co.uk means I know I’ll receive good service from a well established business.