With two kids at home, I often find myself looking for new ways to keep them entertained and I think that educational games can be fun too. I grew up playing games like Top Trumps and learnt all kinds of stuff when playing them from breeds of dogs, types of dinosaurs and even aeroplanes, it’s a great way to learn whilst having enjoyment. With that in mind I went searching online for a collection of things that kids enjoy and will help parents keep learning fun, that’s where I found a wonderful website called Great Little Rewards.

Great Little RewardsThe site prides themselves on selling great quality and innovative products for parents and schools that the kids will love. They cover everything from motivational to educational to rewarding items, Great Little Rewards has everything needed to encourage and incentivise my little ones, and their products cover all ranges of ages too.

The website has categories for schools & classrooms, teachers rewards, educational games, parents and even goodies and toys.
The first area I looked at was the Parents page, which specialises in educational and fun games to play with your kids. My children love rewards, I recall being at school and getting a gold star, you can’t wait to tell your family when you get home, and this website sells a range of fun rewards to help kids concentrate and push themselves to earn stickers and such like. There are subsections within the parents page, to help you locate items to help them concentrate, sleep, reading and writing, and also things to occupy them while travelling. I love the idea of keeping them occupied in the car, there’s nothing worse than a long journey full of “are we there yet?”. The sort of things that Great Little Rewards sell in that section are flash cards for learning words, telling the time, and even my favourite Top Trumps.
If your child has difficulty sleeping, the shop also has Calming, glowing, fun bedroom stickers and night lights aimed at helping sooth and settling young kids with big imaginations.

One area of the website that caught my eye was the Tangle toys page, as I’d never heard of these before. The tangle toys aid concentration in children as they allow them to fidget while they listen. The website stocks the full range and they’re a really inexpensive way of helping your child to concentrate.

I’m not a teacher, but looking at the section for primary school materials and resources, they offer all kinds of things to help motivate and reward children in the classroom. With fun looking certificates and recognition awards, these are the sort of things kids want to earn whilst they learn.
The website also sells displays, borders and banners that brighten classrooms, and make them a fun and welcoming place for the children to learn.

As well as games and educational rewards, their website also offers pre-assembled party bags for kids, which are ideal for parents like me who are hopeless when it comes to ideas for filling a birthday party bag. The party bags are easy to customise as you wish, making it easy to purchase for either a boy’s or girl’s party.

I’m glad I found the website, there are plenty of inspirational and affordable items for sale, and much more fun than the usual brain-numbing toys and games you find on a daily basis, if you have young kids, I recommend you take a look yourself.