It’s this time of the year that I’ve just finished paying for Christmas and I’m now faced with annual bills for car insurance, MOT & service, car tax and car breakdown cover. Unfortunately all of these costs collide together at the same time for me, so I decided this year I was going to shop around for both the insurance and breakdown cover.
Whilst searching for new car breakdown cover I found QDOS Rescue Services, which is a company I’d not heard of before, so I was intrigued to see what they can offer that was different from the usual well known AA or RAC.

The customer reviews of QDOS on were excellent, so I wondered what had made them the emerging force in the motor breakdown and vehicle recovery market. The first thing that stood out to me was their list of things that members are covered for when compared to other breakdown cover providers. Things like accidental damage, vandalism, fire and theft are covered by QDOS, which would be an improvement on my previous AA cover.

QDOS have four policies with different levels of cover, and their website easily shows what is covered by each different policy, they range from standard roadside assistance, up to complete UK recovery. If you wish, You can even cover a specific vehicle with their Vehicle Cover option. This means that the vehicle is covered and not just the individual member, so the driver (whoever that may be) and up to seven of their passengers will be covered.
Other factors that QDOS have are that they currently repair 75% of breakdowns at the roadside, and on average they respond within 36 minutes, which is the fastest breakdown cover in the industry. They also offer European breakdown cover too, which is handy as we’re planning to drive to France in the Summer.

Overall if you’re planning on shopping around for your car breakdown cover this year I highly recommend you take a look at too.