I’ve recently found out that the C2c commuter trains that run from Shoeburyness through to London Fenchurch Street offer the cheapest and best service in the UK.
I was slightly surprised by this as I use their trains on a daily basis, and although their time keeping is usually pretty good, they are always packed during peak times, meaning there simply isn’t enough trains on the tracks to keep up with demand. This presumably is how they manage to offer the cheapest service, but how they are described as the best, goodness only knows.

I’m not wanting to be over critical of C2C, they have modern, air-conditioned trains, much better then the carriages used on the Liverpool Street line that runs out towards Romford, compared with them I can see how C2C would win an award. There are two major problems with C2C trains, with the size of the seats being my biggest gripe. I’m not fat, but their 3-in-a-row seats are stupid, if you get the middle one you’re crushed. If you get the one by the window you have a ledge sticking into you, pushing you even closer to the poor person in the middle. The second big problem is the lack of peak time trains, they are too busy, but the problem is at Fenchurch Street, there is only 4 platforms, meaning, if you send more trains to London, they can only handle 4 at a time.

Since West Ham became a transport hub on the network, more trains are stopping there, and more commuters are getting on those trains. Shoppers head to Westfield, and mingle with the commuters at peak time.
Apparently the licence to run that track is up for renewal soon, and although this post seems negative towards C2C I hope they get it again.
As there seems no way to increase the size of Fenchurch Street, I have to say C2C do a good job, and I certainly don’t want that mob who run the Romford line moving in.

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